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Lions District 4-A3 UPDATES for 2014 - 2015 - 2016

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Change: 7/17/15
 Page 47
New Club Locations
Oxnard Channel Islands
Loc1: Elks, 801 S "A" St., Oxnard
Loc2: Pirates, 450 Victoria, Oxnard (near 5th)

Change: 8/10/15
 Page 25, 69
Member Chuck Cassy
Address Correction
Address correction

Change: 8/10/15
 Page 64
Corrected email
Sandy Greenberg
Correct email
Change: 8/10/15
 Page 65
New Contact Info
Member Mike McBain
New cell: 805-432-4228
New email:

Change: 9/30/15
 Page 75
Lions Camp Teresita Pines
New email

Change: 9/30/15
 Page 30
Templeton President
New email
President Fardanesh
Change: 9/30/15
 Page 7, 48
Saticoy Club
Meeting time
Correct Meeting time is 6:00pm

Change: 9/30/15
  Page 51
Correct Pres. phone
Simi Valley-Moorpark
President Dave Wheeler
Cell phone: 805-208-8517
Change: 9/30/15
 Page 59
Add listing:
District Youth Exchange
Lion Don Greenberg Chairperson

Change: 9/30/15
 Page 64
Add member listing
Don Greenberg
Ventura Downtown
4995 Elmhurst Str., Ventura, CA 93003-3931
(H) 805-642-2915 (C) 256-8168

Change: 9/30/15
 Page 31
Arroyo Grande Club Info
Steve Wilson, Treasurer, add 805-980-1616
Terry Orton, Secretary, New email:

Change: 11/12/15
 Page 65
Kevin Macey moved
New Address and Phone
6225 Merlin Str, Ventura, CA 93003
(H) 805-765-6623

Change: 1/11/16
  Page 71
PDG C.W. Bryantevent
Passed away 8/26/15

Change: 1/11/16
- Page 67, 69:
PCC George Stewart
Phone changes
Delete home phone number
Add: Cell 805-459-0191
Change: 1/11/16
 Dec 2015 Page 56, 67
Passage of William "Gator" Williams
Deceased December 2015.

Change: 4/1/15
 -2015-2016 Page 47
Delete meet place
Carrows, 1601 N. Oxnard
[2015.04.01 G-Cal] Club_name: Oxnard Channel Islands New_Place: See for changes. Closure announced on acquisition parent Catalina Restaurant Group by TX-based Food Management Partners.

Change: 7/16/14
 - Page 4
DG Visitations [2015.02.01 G-Cal] Santa Maria Sunrisers moved October 15 to August 6.
Change: 7/16/14
 - Page 19
1st VDG Richard Davis [2015.02.01 AuxWeb] Delete business phone number
Only use cell phone# 805-861-6348
Change: 7/16/14
 - Page 43
Ojai Secretary [2015.02.01 AuxClubs] Pat Stone: correct email:
Change: 7/16/14
 - Page 24
GMT Coordinator [2015.02.01 AuxWeb] Mark Westfall, home phone: 805-343-0644
New role?
Change: 11/18/14
 - Page 32
San Luis Obispo Lions
New Meeting Day and Location
[2015.02.01 G-Cal, AuxClubs] Meetings: 2nd & 4th Monday, 6:00 pm
Location: Elks Lodge, 222 Elks Lane, SLO, 93401
Change: 1/11/15
 - Page 25, 66
Jodi Tellier, correct home zip code: [2015.02.01 AuxWeb] 93461
Change: 1/11/15
 - Page 29
Arroyo Grande Lions Club new President: [2015.02.01 AuxWeb] Patrick McNeill
258 Ramona Ave., Grover Beach, CA 93433
(C) 805-235-4325
Change: 1/11/15
 - Page 29, 65
Terry Orton, corrected phone numbers
[2015.02.01 AuxWeb] (H) 805-441-0167, (B) 474-1700,
(C) 474-1701
Change: 3/28/15
 - Page 45
Reg_N Chair, Chet Price, corrected email addr
[2015.03.28 AuxWeb] (E),
(E-wrong) cpcoins

Change: 3/28/15
 - Page 62
Avenal Sight, Sandy Greenberg, corrected email addr, delete W-phone
[2015.03.28 AuxWeb] (E),
Delete work phone: 805 654-6362
Change: 4/20/15
 - Pages 5, 47
SATICOY LIONS, Change Club Meet Day
[2015.04.20 AuxWeb] 2nd Wednesday 18:30, Was 3rd Wednesday 18:30 per IPDG MD

Club: name or
Individual: name
Changed from: value,
Changed to: value
[STAT: List-date: Web-date:] Roster Pages: ....

Club: Ventura Breakfast Lions

Club closing,
July-Aug 2014
[DONE: 2014.07.31 Web-2014.07.31] Roster Pages: none

Amber's L. Secy:
Chris Graham
Roster City

Chg. E:
To E:
Chg city: Newberry Park
To city: Newbury Park

[DONE: 2014.07.31 Web-2014.07.31] Roster Pages: 48

2nd VDG, Jose Nichols
Santa Maria Sunrisers

To E:

[Done: Email-2014.07.27 Web-2014.07.27] Roster Pages: Okay
1st VDG, Richard Davis
Ventura Downtown
Add phone: (B) 805-654-5079 [Done: Email-2014.07.27 Web-014.07.27] Roster Pages: 19, 62

Lions District 4-A3 UPDATES for 2013 - 2014

District Governor: Margaret Dunlevy [Done: Email-2013.08.13 W-t/b/d] Pg...


New E

Past CouncilChair: William Dunlevy [Done: Email-2013.08.13 W-t/b/d] Pg...

New E

Region L Chair: Angel(a) Robinson-Platz[Done: Email-2013.08.13 W-t/b/d] Pg...

New E

Committee Chair Everett Batey [Done: Directory: 2011 Email-t/b/d W-t/b/d] Pg...
Old Club

Oxnard Noontimers

New Oxnard Channel Islands

-- -- [Done: Directory: Email-t/b/d W-t/b/d] Pg...



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